Core of the Messages

His Excellency
Dr. Ishrat ul Ibad Khan
Governor of Sindh &
Patron, Greenwich University

"This conspicuous ceremony is testimony to the fact that in the development of a country, higher education is of paramount importance, and your participatory role is highly commendable. I commend your efforts to enhance the standard of education which is acclaimed bye the academic dignitaries. It can be said that the present fold of illustrious graduating students would also stand tall and serve both at home and abroad with zeal, dedication and honesty."

His Excellency
Syed Qaim Ali Shah
Chief Minister of Sindh

“Education from the primary to post graduate level is very essential of a country. Our government in Sindh has ascertained to educate all the children at least up to Matriculation grade. It is very gratifying to register that Greenwich University is specialized in promoting higher education in different disciplines at graduate and post graduate levels.
In fact the more a country invests in education, the better country it will become. The roe of private sector in the opening of institutions for higher education will help disseminate higher education. The present convocation is living example.”

Dr. Javaid Laghari
Chairman HEC

“Higher Education Commission is committed to provisions for equal educational opportunities to all the citizens of Pakistan, enabling them to participate effectively in the overall national effort.
It’s gratifying to note that students qualifying from institutions such as Greenwich University are the ones who have the knowledge, wisdom and imagination that enable them to take leadership positions in efforts to improve the quality of education.”

Pir Mazher ul Haq
Educational Minister, Sindh

“I am aware that the University is exponent of contributing in higher education in different disciplines at graduate and post graduate levels.
The collaboration between the private and public sectors in the field of education at all levels is very encouraging. Greenwich University’s landmark role in higher education is commendable.
I believe that education and training that you have received at your Greenwich University will guide you to attain your goal.”

His Excellency
Dr. Hasrul Sani Mujtabar
High Commissioner of

“Malaysia and Pakistan are working in unison in various trade and commerce fields. This is heartening to register that Malaysian University UNIMAP & Limkokwing University have already signed MoU to undertake educational programmes to benefit from each other’s innovations in courses of studies. Students and faculty exchange programmes will create understanding and awareness among one another.“

Prof. Dr. A A M Arefin
Dhaka University, Bangladesh

“Education in the present age acts as a spearhead and has become very essential for the growth and prosperity of every country. Developing countries in the world are earmarking a major portion of their budgets on educating their youth. Education indeed speaks to the inherent value and dignity of each human being.
I am confident that purposeful education, training and grooming of character traits that you have received at your renowned Greenwich University would be like a beacon for you in determining the destiny of life.”

Prof. Dr. Serif Ali Tekalan
Fatih University, Turkey

“My message to the graduating students on this momentous occasion is that foundation of the beginning of your practical life has been founded today. You should bear in mind that you cannot have all the things all the time. You will have to strive hard to achieve your goal. You are the architect of your own fate. Today you are decorated with education that you received from a university of very high repute of your country. You have to be very vigilant and vibrant in the practical life. I once again felicitate faculty members, students and their parents on making the event a great success.”

Prof. Dato'
Dr. Kamarudin B. Hussain
Vice-Chancellor, University
Malaysis Perlis, Malaysia

“Education and health cost the state the bulk of the budgetary resources. Effective harnessing of its resources with the benefits flowing directly to the pollutions assumes priority. Education has very high returns as seen in many developed countries. Greenwich University has proved a trend setter by promoting higher education exclusively. I have learnt that many other stake holders are now investing in education especially in higher education”.

Haroon Agar
President KCCI Karachi

"Greenwich University is one of the prominent educational institutions of Pakistan Extending quality education to youth, and producing professionals ad entrepreneurs for various sectors of the economy. Convocation is a land mark achievement in the annals of the university.
Karachi Chamber of commerce and Industry (KCCI) has embarked upon the ambitions plan to develop “Universities Industries Linkage” to build a constructive relationship between the Academia ad Industry, equally beneficial to both side. In this connection, the KCCI ad Greenwich University has signed Memorandum of Understanding for mutual cooperation. I firmly believe the Academia-Industry collaboration is vital for the socio economic development of Pakistan."

Aqeel Karim Dhedhi
Chairman AKD Group

“Graduates! It is our responsibility to ensure that you work towards implementing all that you have learned. You are the next generation of this country, and it is your responsibility to lead Pakistan, navigate the challenges that lie ahead and use your education to improve the lives of your fellow citizens.
The AKD group, supports numerous education initiatives in order to provide widespread access to quality eduation. Our objective is to help the development of students so that they can contribute to the society. I wish you all the very best for creating a positive impact and to be responsible ambassadors for our country when you are overseas.”

S. M. Munir
Din Group of Industries

“It is crystal clear that graduating students of today will be the custodians of this country tomorrow. My dear graduating students, my message to you is that you have to gird up your loin to enter the practical life. A long career of challenges ad channels is awaiting you.
I assure that these are the tools of tackling problems in any field. We have by the grace of God earned our name and respect only with hard work.
You should from the beginning develop habit of working hard in your life. I am confident that your education ad grooming of character traits that you imbibed at the Greenwich University will be a great asset for you I meeting the challenges of life.”

Sardar M. Yasin Malik
(Hilal-i-Imtiaz, Sitar-i-Imtiaz)
Hilton Pharma (Pvt) Ltd.

“This era of one’s life is stretched over years of struggle and strenuous efforts. Your degree from Greenwich University will now become your armour in life. You can excel in life sheer by dint of hard work and tenacity of Character.”

Muhammad Ali Tabba
Chief Executive Officer
Lucky Cement Limited

“Indeed it is a virtue of dedication on part of its faculty members and the consistent hard-work by the students and has enabled this institution to contribute towards the enriched and energetic human capital of your country.
I can foresee a remarkable transformation taking place in the professional horizon of our country in the near future where these very leader will contribute in their own respective professional fields to elevate the growth of this country to newer heights.
The success of this batch will be remembered as a stimulus for the future students and pride for the faculty members.”

Mohsin Ali Nathani
Chief Executive Officer
Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited

“I am very delighted to congratulate to the proud students of the graduating class 2013. I am sure that the skills they got from Greenwich University have enabled them to acquire the capabilities and qualities required for future growth. The success stories emanating from this batch should be a source of inspirational pride for the management and future students of this University, as well as becoming the benchmark for other institutions of higher learning in our community.
The Alimghty gifted Pakistan with a sizeable youth with great potential. Quality education is essential for the proper development of this resource. We need our people to be proud of their heritage, to be hungry for success, and have the capabilities to convert the vision of a successful Pakistan into a reality.
At Standard Chartered Bank, the development of highly skilled and motivated human resource is the cornerstone of our management philosophy. SCB’s corporate culture facilitates enhanced capabilities and elevated motivation levels, resulting in extraordinary achievements with sustainable consistencies.
SCB today, stands proud as the largest Bank of Pakistan and continues to move forward with full vigor towards its vision of becoming a global leader in banking sector.”

Sirajuddin Aziz
President & CEO
Metropolitan Bank Limited

They look ahead at the future they embark to construct, with hope and the promise of optimism, while we look on with pride. Today is also of significance to the rest of us; armed with the introspective tool of retrospect, we reminisce about the youth past, and cognize the wisdom earned.
We lay at the graduating batch’s behest, our best and worst of experiences, in order to make their tomorrow better than our yesterday.”

Ali J. Siddiqui
Jahangir Siddiqui & Company Ltd.

“JS group has lot of plans of improving education standard in the country. Our entrepreneur is very vibrant in extending assistance to the deserving students in various fields.
JS Medal has been floated for such occasions as Convocations.
We feel proud in reminding that in Greenwich University Convocation 2010 JS Medals were presented to the talented students. JS Medal now has become now integral part of the Greenwich University Convocation.”

Amber Haroon Saigol
Dawn Media Group

“I salute the graduating batch of Greenwich University on this solemn day of the year 2013. It’s a moment of pride for the institution and the parents of all the graduating students, and also a moment of motivation for the junior students who see their seniors adorn the stage after years of rigorous hard work.
Greenwich University is known as a citadel of entrepreneurship, innovation and embedded leadership.
Since the year 1987, it has been instrumental in sharing the responsibility for a robust society. A word of advice to the graduating students that you have undoubtedly achieved success today, but your success will be measured by your ability to address challenges that you will face in your professional life. From your sheltered status as a student you will now emerge into a tough and fast changing world. You may suffer some set backs or failures in your journey, but I am sure you have it in you to overcome them and be wiser and stronger as a result.
I am confident that you will prepare for future opportunities that arise and that you are equipped to take on a world full of infinite possibilities.”