VC View

Seema Mughal (TI)
Greenwich University

“I congratulate you all for going through your courses successfully. I believe you are getting ready, as future leaders, to contribute to make our country and our world a better place. You are the leaders of tomorrow. You represent our University, our city and our country as you take the nest steps in life with a degree in hand.
That degree embodies the core values of our institution-curiosity, support, collaboration, communication, sustainability, globalization, balance and excellence. These are qualities that you have developed through your studies at Greenwich University and they will open doors to the future; doors that are yours to step through. When you do, keep your eyes high. It took hard work and commitment to get to this point in your lives.
The years you have spent here have helped to define who you are. In turn, you have played a role in defining the future potential of your alma mater. A spire to be the best; work to maximize your potential; seize the opportunities available; build strong and enduring relationships with those around you; give back to your communities; and celebrate, always celebrate, your success. You have made us proud and you will make the world a better place. We will watch with pride as you make your mark in the world … socially, environmentally, economically and culturally.
Congratulations to you. Your family and friends.”